Our firm offers both flat-fee limited-retainers and time-based retainers. The table below is our firm’s divorce with no children flat-fee limited-retainer. Flat-fee limited-retainers may also be available for divorce with children, separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, and cohabitation agreements depending on your circumstances. You will need to attend an initial meeting with Ryan in order to determine if a flat-fee limited-retainer is available or appropriate given your circumstances.

Click here to schedule an initial consultation or meeting with Ryan or you can phone us at 587-351-5297. An initial 1-hour consultation costs $150 + gst.

Divorce Only, no children (see Notes 1 and 2)
A.No children flat-fee incl. fees & disbursements except those listed below$650
B1.Cost to file Statement of Claim for Divorcecourt filing fee (currently $260)
B2.E-filing court filing fees+ cost varies (est. $30)
C.Process service of the Statement of Claim for Divorce+ cost varies
D.File printing$30
Other Potential Additional Costs
E.Additional cost if other party lives outside of Alberta but in Canada (not incl. cost of service)+ $50
F.Additional cost if other party lives outside of Canada (not incl. cost of service)+ $150
Potential Discounts
J.If client has a separation agreement file involving the other party, Ryan Johnson gave advice on the agreement, and the file was completed within past 12 months-$50
Services and disbursements included or not included
L.Provision of legal advice about divorce and related family issuesincl.
M.Drafting of documents for an uncontested divorce without oral evidenceincl.
N.Meet with client to sign and witness Affidavit of Applicantincl.
O.If other party files responding documents (or email/letter/phone call) to the Statement of Claim for Divorce, then the first call, meeting, or correspondence with client to provide advice is includedincl.
P.Calls or correspondence with the court in regards to the documents submitted to courtincl.
Q.Correction of documents if the error is a result of the lawyer or firm's mistakeincl.
R.Obtaining a marriage certificatenot incl.
S.Reply or draft document(s)/correspondence(s) to any responding document(s)/correspondence(s) from the other party to the Statement of Claim for Divorcenot incl.
T.Drafting of Separation Agreement or Witnessing, and/or providing independent legal advice for an already drafted Separation Agreement or similar type of agreementnot incl.
U.Drafting of substitutional service documents if the other party cannot be servednot incl.
V.Attendance at a court hearingnot incl.
W.Calls or correspondence with the other party, other party's lawyer, or any other person/entity in regards to the documents submitted to court, or any other issuesnot incl.
X.Any disbursement that is good or service purchased outside the firm, which includes on-line/phone purchases (eg. land title or court search, appraisal, transcripts)not incl.

Note 1: the only relief to be sought in the Statement of Claim for Divorce is a divorce, and the divorce will proceed through court without oral evidence and not in a rush or requiring physical attendance in court before a judge. If the other party or lawyer for the other party responds to the Statement of Claim for Divorce with documents, calls or other correspondence then this shall be subject to additional fees and disbursements which will be discussed with the client at the time the documents, calls or correspondence is received.

Note 2: neither party can have dependent children (the meaning of dependent children will be discussed between lawyer and client).