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Our Goal

To provide you with practical & affordable legal services

Located in the community of Midnapore in Calgary, our firm strives to listen to your concerns and provide you with practical legal advice to suit your needs.

Making a will and planning for your family’s future when you are gone is not an ideal topic of conversation. Our firm’s goal is to help you make your will in 3 simple steps:

  • meet with you to understand your circumstances, provide you with advice and some ideas to contemplate, and to receive your instructions
  • draft the documents for your review and comment
  • meet with you to sign the documents

Ryan has years of practical experience in assisting people with their wills and estates. And he understands that clients want to know it will cost. At the initial meeting, Ryan discusses with you the cost of your will or estate matter.

Separation and divorce is stressful on you and your family. We can provide you with some options to reduce this stress. We will be assertive in representing your interests. But, we will always mindful about discussing creative solutions to resolve your issues.

If you and your separated spouse or partner are able to work together, you might consider mediation as a first step to providing a framework for you and your family’s future.

And, if you are engaged to marry or are in a relationship, then you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement. These agreements are often of value to both parties as they give each partner a written understanding of how their finances will be dealt with should there be a separation or upon the death of one of the partners.

To start you family law file, please contact us to book an initial consultation. The cost of this 1 hour meeting is $150.00 plus GST.

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