Costs for Estate Planning Services

Our firm offers both flat-fee limited-retainers and time-based retainers. The table below is our firm’s estate planning flat-fee limited-retainers for basic Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives.

 Basic Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives (see Notes)Will onlyPOA onlyPD onlyWill, POA & PD
A1.'Basic Fees' for one person$250$200$200$500
A2.'Basic Fees' for couple (spouses or common-law partners)$375$300$300$750
Potential Discounts
D.Client completes on-line questionnarie in full prior to initial meeting10% discount of line A1 or A2 as applicable

Note: For these flat-fee limited-retainers, the documents will be a basic Will, basic Power of Attorney, and/or a basic Personal Directive. For many clients, a basic document shall suffice. However, based on a client’s individual circumstances, some clients may provide instructions for a more complex document and/or some clients may be advised that a more complex document is appropriate. If the client provides instructions for a more complex document then additional fees and disbursements may apply which will be discussed with the client prior to incurring the additional fees or disbursements.