In June 2022, the estate administration process in Alberta changed considerably. For many estate administration matters, these changes should result in lower legal fees. For non-contentious Estate Administration matters requiring a Grant Application, the table below compares our firm’s new fees vs. our firm’s previous fees vs. the suggested fee guidelines that many firms use to determine fees.

Ryan's New Fees as of June 15, 2022Ryan's Previous FeesSuggested Fee Guidelines other firms may use
Base Fee$940$1000$2250
Gross Value Fee$0$375$1750
# of Beneficiaries Fee$20$0$0
Court Filing Fee$400$400$400
Printing and Other Disbursementsvaries (est. $80)variesvaries
Based on an estate with an Alberta gross and net value of $250,000, the deceased having a valid Will, and there being 2 beneficiaries.

The services provided by our firm for the retainer in the above table are the core legal services up to the time of receipt of the grant from the court. Retainers are also available for the full complement of core legal services including advertising for creditors, the submitting of the estate’s financial statements to the beneficiaries on an informal basis, and the preparation and filing of releases signed by the beneficiaries. Both retainer options will be discussed at the initial meeting with Ryan.

Not all estate administration matters are non-contentious Grant Applications. Your particular circumstances, which are discussed with Ryan at the initial meeting, may require contentious applications. Fees and disbursements for contentious estate administration matters will be discussed with the client prior to incurring these fees and disbursements.

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