Mediation is an increasingly desirable option in family matters, such as separation. Often mediation is can be more cost effective than attempting to resolve family matters in the court or by having two lawyers negotiate on behalf of each party.

Ryan can help you mediate issues between spouses, partners and parents. If both clients are in agreement that they would like to try to resolve their issues by sitting with a neutral and thoughtful third party then please schedule a 3.5 hour mediation session for an upcoming Saturday online or by calling 587-351-5297.

Costs for Mediation

Mediation is scheduled for 3.5 hours on Saturday from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm and at other times upon request. In addition to this mediation session, a report is provided to both clients shortly after the session.

The cost for the mediation session, including the report, is $1000.00 including GST (or $952.38 without GST). Typically the clients split the cost for mediation, but they can agree upon alternative sharing the costs. Fees for the mediation are collected during the week prior to the mediation session and there is a 24 hour no-refund policy if the mediation is cancelled on short notice.